Building SharePoint Apps the easy way!


ShareCoffee is a small client-side framework which allows you as SharePoint or SharePoint Online App Developer to build Apps faster and easier than before. It's providing an unified API abstraction layer on top of SharePoint's REST API. It's fluent API is easy to learn and remember.

ShareCoffee is under MIT license, you can use it for any kind of SharePoint App no matter if your a personal or professional developer.

In addition to it's API abstraction for REST APIs it's also providing useful helpers for App developers like on-the-fly ChromeBar loading or painless SharePoint notifications


Where is ShareCoffee helping?


Cross Domain REST



Common Helpers

Getting Started

ShareCoffee is pretty easy to learn, don't waste time, jump in!

Install ShareCoffee

ShareCoffee is available here on github, alternatively can you install it directly into your projects using NuGet or bower

NuGet: Install-Package ShareCoffee

Bower: bower install ShareCoffee

git: git clone

Load the Script and Start coding

Load ShareCoffee by putting the following line of HTML code in your Default.aspx

<script type="text/javascript" src="../Scripts/ShareCoffee/ShareCoffee.min.js"></script>

Use ShareCoffee's fluent API to read all tasks from a fictive 'Tasks' list on the AppWeb with jQuery

  var properties = {
    url: "web/lists/GetByTitle('Tasks')/items"

  var properties = {
    url: "web/lists/GetByTitle('Tasks')/items"

  var properties = {
    url: "web/lists/GetByTitle('Tasks')/items"


ShareCoffe is the main framework, with all it's source, automation and documentation browse it on github


ShareCoffee.Search is an AddOn which makes working with SharePoint's search even easier... Browse it on github


ShareCoffee.UserProfiles is an AddOn for making UserProfile interactions painless, browse it on github

Further Readings

But there is even more, dig into the framework and get most out off it!


Entire Framework documentation for free

Browse the ShareCoffee Wiki and see all it's functions and capabilities fully documented. The wiki describes all the functions ShareCoffee is exposing to you as a developer, including small samples which makes using ShareCoffee for the first time even easier. Browse the wiki now...


Common SharePoint App Problems solved...

Over the months I've documented a lot of pitfalls and issues I ran into while building SharePoint Apps. Visit my blog and watch the ShareCoffee category to find some cool gems about SharePoint App development and ShareCoffee. Visit my blog and read the articles


Watch Session Recordings

Early in 2014 I was able to demonstrate ShareCoffee during Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. As true for all the great sessions, there is a full-time recording available for free on Channel9. If you've interested in some background from the Framework or if you wanna see it in action watch my session recording on Channel9. Watch SP417 on Channel9


ShareCoffee is an OpenSource project which I maintain in my spare-time.
It would be awesome to get some cents back from the community.

Send me some cents over PayPal

SharePoint is Microsoft's best selling server product. ISV's and Venders out there are making big dollars with SharePoint. For individual developers as me, small dollars are also great. :)



ShareCoffee is free, but if you're interested in individual workshops for ShareCoffee, send me a mail using the form below.

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